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Commercial and Residential Properties
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We are a 100% family owned business, working for the community and also involved in it.

At Porcupine Lawn Care Inc., we are dedicated to the needs of our customers, striving towards excellence in our work and placing a high value on mutual respect.

3 Quick Facts For Choosing Us For Your Next Project and Ongoing Maintenance Services:

  • 1
    Porcupine Lawn Care Inc. meets and exceeds our customers' expectations.
  • 2
    We take pride in every job we do and never take shortcuts on the quality of our projects & work.
  • 3
    Our team is a creative and energetic crew with great design ideas and has knowledge on the latest trends and equipment in the industry.

We have permanent ongoing discounts and seasonal discounts & specials.

Permanent Discounts

  • Senior Discounts

    For anyone over 65 years of age, we will give you a percentage off your lawn or snow care maintenance packages throughout the season.

  • Neighbour Referral Program

    Refer a neighbour or more, and receive a credit towards your services with us if they sign up or complete a project with us.

  • Family/Friend Referral Program

    If some of your family or a friend lives in our service area, and they sign up or complete a project with us, we will give you a credit towards your services also.

Seasonal Discounts and Programs

Our website and social media accounts are frequently updated and loaded with seasonal discounts and specials. Be sure to check back once in a while to see what the newest deal is!